Astrology Puzzle Genshin

Astrology Puzzle GenshinOn solving the puzzle, the precious chest in this room will unlock. 8! 3,751 views Jul 18, 2022 36 Dislike Share Save LokiGamingZero 1. 8 update for Genshin Impact has arrived, making it once again a perfect time for new players to get on board. Height changes are only for the first and second sections, while the third one is kept down. See A Parade Of Providence puzzle solutions, how to unlock, mini-games, & when is the A Parade Of Providence event 2023. Genshin Impact - Minacious Island Temple of the Star Latitude Astral Puzzle Part 1! patch 2. com/genshin-impact-astral-puzzle-solution/#Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle #1" h="ID=SERP,5770. Puzzle #1 Solution Match the constellation in the sky with the operable light devices on the ground. Not enough to make it unsolvable, but just enough to waste your time or make you look for the solution on youtube. For the first section, keep its height, and rotate the stars that are closer together to northwest. Once you’ve completed the world quests “ A Strange Story in Konda ” and “ Sacrificial Offering ,” you’ll be tasked with finding. To solve the puzzle, players should follow the steps below: Hit the monument (3) in the middle Hit monument (4) Hit monument (5) Hit monument (1) Hit monument (2) How To Solve The Anemo Puzzle. Rotate both stars at 10 and 2 o'clock. Table of Contents Mini Games & Events Rewards Release Date & How To Unlock A Parade Of Providence - Wisdom Gala Mini Games & Gameplay Gathering Of Stars. Genshin Impact Mona domain astral puzzle solution 2. This Genshin Impact Immernachtreich. In the Temple of the Stars, Genshin Impact players have to solve many Astral Puzzles to advance in Mona’s domain and to open some chests. Principium of Astrology | Genshin Impact Wiki | Fandom in: Talents, Mona Talents, Utility Passives, and 5 more English Principium of Astrology View source Principium of Astrology Char­ac­ter Mona Talent Type Utility Passive Category Passive Info Details. Puzzle 1 - Main Quest - Explore the mirage All Solve the astral puzzle Genshin Impact Mona Domain Chests Day 5 ZaFrostPet 128K subscribers Subscribe 170K views 5. Once everything is in position, it doesn't matter what order you hit the